Salt Lake County Search and Rescue was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation for bravery and outstanding service by its members functioning as a team for 2017.

In 2017 the 28 citizen volunteers team that makes up Salt Lake County Search and Rescue responded to 84 incidents, rescuing 80 citizens and recovering 10 deceased individuals. All was done with 8494 volunteer hours saving the citizens of Salt Lake County hundreds of thousands of dollars while maintaining required certifications and supporting and educating the public about safety. SAR volunteers risk personal safety to rescue and save lives proving to be the epitome of selfless service to the community. In 2017, the SAR team hosted and instructed a 16 hour basic Rock Rescue class for 60 members from Search and Rescue agencies throughout the state. Team members have traveled to other states to instruct, train and gain valuable certifications and knowledge to benefit the safe rescue and recovery efforts to the citizens and visitors of Salt Lake County. The team members receive no monetary compensation for their personal expertise, knowledge, equipment, and transportation to and from these events. During the summer months and some weekends, the team sometimes respond to as many as three rescues a day. Some responses last throughout the night and into the next day. These devoted and dedicated volunteers take time out of their work schedules, family life and personal time to ensure the citizens of Salt Lake County are protected and saved when the calls for help come in.

The Search and Rescue Team has been the subject of many news stories by local news agencies which has brought very positive light to the Office of the Sheriff. One of their rescues was even part of the Super Bowl Lll Commercial.

Salt Lake County Search and Rescue

Wayne Bassham SAR 900

Commander/Volunteer Since 1993

Spencer Fowler SAR 901

Co-Commander / Drone Pilot/Volunteer Since 2006

Michael Finger SAR 902

Co-Commander / High Angle Specialist / Hoist Attendant/Volunteer Since 2006

John Patterson SAR 903

Co-Commander / Safety Officer / Scuba Diver/Volunteer Since 2006

Alan Bergstrom/ SAR 904

Squad Leader / Training Officer / Drone Pilot / Hoist Attendant/Volunteer Since 2000

Jason Carlson/ SAR 906

Squad Leader / Drone Pilot/Volunteer Since 2010

Ryan Clerico/SAR 907

Squad Leader/Medical Instructor Volunteer Since 2013

Todd Taylor/SAR 908

Squad Leader / Helicopter Specialist / Hoist Attendant/ Volunteer Since 2013

Ryan Cuzme/SAR 909

Squad Leader/Volunteer Since 2013

Shawn Kenney/SAR 912

Rescuer 1/ Vice President/Volunteer Since 2014

Mac Brubaker/SAR 913

Rescuer 1/Member at Large/Volunteer Since 2013

Michael Brehm/SAR 915

Rescuer 1/Volunteer Since 2004

Hillary Melander/SAR 922

Rescuer 1/ Volunteer Since 2015

David Haroldsen/SAR 923

Rescuer 1/ Secretary/Volunteer Since 2015

Mark Squire/SAR 924

Rescuer 1/Volunteer Since 2015

Josh (JP) Bernier/SAR 930

Rescuer 1/Volunteer Since 2016

Dennis Berry-Rieser/SAR 934

Rescuer 1/Volunteer Since 2016

Kevin Nguyen/SAR 935

Rescuer 1/ Volunteer Since 2016

Dionne Evans/SAR 938

Rescuer 1/Volunteer Since 2016

Nate Russell/SAR 940

Rescuer 1/Volunteer Since 2016

Brandon Stock/C21

Rescuer 1 / Drone Pilot/ Volunteer Since 2012

Anthony Abt/SAR 941

Probationary member/ Volunteer Since 2017

Patrick Kolbay/SAR 944

Probationary Member/Volunteer Since 2017

Stephen Smith/SAR 947

Probationary Member/ Volunteer Since 2017

Vlad Pascu/SAR 945

Probationary member/Volunteer Since 2017

Zachary Huston/SAR 943

Probationary Member/Volunteer Since 2017